Mod of the Week: Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition

Many argue that Resident Evil lost it’s traction with Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and that everything that has followed since has been underwhelming. There are others however, who enthuse about Resident Evil 4; suggesting that the series peaked when it turned the classic formula into a modernised expansive adventure. That latter audience will no doubt be keen to experience Resident Evil 4 again in a whole new fashion.

There remains some debate about the merits of third-person videogames in virtual reality (VR), but the truth is that many titles will adapt to the head-mounted displays (HMDs) wonderfully. Indeed, Blades of Time turned out to be very enjoyable when played on an Oculus Rift and so does Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition. You can find out how to enable Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition for play as a VR experience on an Oculus Rift below and VRFocus will keep you updated with any further Resident Evil titles that can be played in VR.




Before beginning the below process ensure that you have the latest version of Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition installed. As has regularly been the case for the Mod of the Week feature here at VRFocus, we will be using DDD’s Tridef 3D to enable Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition as a VR experience.

The Tridef 3D injection driver can be downloaded from the official DDD website and used for 14 days without requiring payment, and an additional in-development Oculus Rift compatibility add-on can then be downloaded from the official Tridef 3D forums. Ensure that both of these assets have been downloaded and installed correctly before attempting to run Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition on an Oculus Rift headset.

Load Tridef 3D Ignition and select ‘Add Game’. The client will automatically detect your installation (in the unlikely case that it doesn’t find Portal, simply select ‘Add Game Manually’ and follow the on-screen prompts). Once added to the Tridef 3D Ignition launch window, boot Portal from within this client.

The videogame will automatically launch in stereoscopic 3D with headtracking enabled. In the case of Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition, the headtracking replicates the mouse movement (or right analog stick) though the handheld peripherals can also be used to greater movement of the viewpoint, including sharp turns.

With Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition, you may find that the left-eye and right-eye images are not presented correctly by default. This can be fixed by simply pressing the ’0? key on your numberpad to access the Tridef 3D menu and browsing the ‘3D’ menu, customising the ‘Scene Depth’ value as necessary, followed by the ‘Performance’ menu and enabling the ‘Shift Eye’ option as well as adjusting the ‘Overscan’ and ‘Stretch’ values.