VRElia details updates to VREye Go Mobile Headset

VRElia is betting big on virtual reality (VR). The Spanish start-up has not one but three different VR headsets currently in the works, ranging from the premium VREye Pro device, to an affordable mobile offering named VREye Go. This week the company has issued new details on the latter of these devices, listing a host of upgrades and improvements made to the hardware. Much like other mobile headsets, the device incorporates user’s smartphones to deliver an alternative VR experience.


Chief among the improvements is the addition of two new wheels at either side of the headset. Turning these will allow users to fine tune both the distance between the headset’s lenses and the lenses and the display itself. The company claims that this eradicates the need for users to wear prescribed glasses, allowing you to set the device up to combat both short and longsighted conditions.

Other features include an audio jack so that users can plug headphones into the set and a built-in charger that a user’s phone can be charged while in use at home. The headset now supports any smartphone screen size from four to six inches. It had previously only supported displays at 4.5 inches. The lenses themselves have also been improved, allowing for a bigger field of view (FOV), though the company didn’t note specifics on just how much we could see.

Finishing off the list is a complete redesign of the headset that VRElia states makes it more comfortable, blocking sources of light and weighing less. Release information such as price and date hasn’t yet been revealed though the company did promise that it will have those details ‘soon’. VRFocus will continue to follow VRElia’s progress and report back with any more updates.