Sunset Animation Goals Detailed

Tale of Tales recently revealed a singular stretch goal for the forthcoming Sunset: a fully animated 3D representation of your character, Angela Burnes. With a new target of $50,000 USD (up from the already surpassed funding goal of $25,000) the additional funding would allow Tale of Tales to hire animator Laura Raines Smith, who has worked on all Tale of Tales’ previous videogame releases.

In Sunset players take on the role of Angela Burnes, a housekeeper in a fictional South American city. Every week you visit the swanky bachelor pad of Gabriel Ortega and are given a number of tasks to complete. Arriving an hour before sunset, the videogame is divided into small instalments that tease you with the potential of finding more in this apartment than just dirty laundry and a few dusty shelves.


Sunset is a first person videogame, but Tale of Tales are aiming to increase their effort to immerse the player in this world by creating a fully animated 3D representation of Angela Burnes. This would impact the experience in moments where you’d catch a glimpse of her: a reflection in a window or mirror, for example.

“Laura’s expertise will add that extra bit of pizazz to each and every animation in the game. From Angela’s movements, to the explosions(!), to wind blowing through flags and plants, to all the little moving things that make a virtual world feel alive.” States an update to the official Kickstarter for the videogame.

A short video reel of Smith’s animations previous animations for Tale of Tales follows below. Sunset has not yet been confirmed as a virtual reality (VR) experience, however Tale of Tales has expressed an interest in supporting the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and Oculus VR has been in communication with the team. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Sunset as the development progresses.