Sony Offers Ideas for New Project Morpheus Titles

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has made it its mission to support all kinds of videogame developers with the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset since its reveal in March 2014. While there has been talk of bigger developers getting on board with the technology, it has also held numerous talks and panels focused more towards indie developers. This week the company has held another such talk at the GaME 2014 event at the Imperial College, London.


The company’s Jed Ashforth was on hand to give an overview of VR development for students and attendees in a session titled ‘An introduction to Virtual Reality with Project Morpheus’. Ashforth covered similar ground as to the pros and cons of development that we’ve heard before, but also offered some hints as to what SCE itself would like to see adapted into and made for VR. As seen in the image above, one slide in Ashforth’s presentation showed three different ideas for VR videogames, encouraging those in the room to try and create them. The image was taken from a post on Twitter by Alan Zucconi.

The first was a VR adaption of the 1865 classic novel, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. The slide reasoned that such an adaption has never been possible before and would be a completely new experience, with ‘obvious gameplay applications’. Another idea was for a first-person stealth experience, perhaps where players had to be concious of their own presence in order to remain undetected.

The final idea was for a title based on psychic powers. The company teased that such a project could use telekenesis, so that players could perhaps appear to move obejcts with their mind. It doesn’t sound like SCE is exploring these ideas itself, then, rather trying to provide some inspiration for the no doubt many indie developers that attended the event. Could they some day come to fruition?

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress SCE makes with Project Morpheus, bringing you the latest.