Senza Peso Already has DK2 Build Says Epic

Virtual reality (VR) mini-opera Senza Peso has proved to be very popular since developer Kite & Lightning released it earlier this month. The title, which serves as a companion to a 10-minute short film, launched for free and quickly gained the attention and praise of the VR community for its high quality experience. Of course, the experience can currently only be used with the Oculus Rift VR headset’s first development kit (DK1), although Epic Games has revealed that a build supporting the second kit (DK2) already exists.


Epic Games’ Senior marketing manager Dana Cowley revealed as much during a recent livestream from the developer detailing VR development on its Unreal Engine 4. “We’re actually downloading the latest build of Senza Peso right now,” Cowley revealed. “We’re going to show it here tonight at the meet up and then take it with us to Develop. They’ve got a DK2 build apparently – I hope it’s okay that I say that. But yeah, we’re gonna have that with us in Brighton at Develop.”

DK2 hugely improves upon its predecessor with the inclusion of positional tracking using a user-facing camera that follows positional LEDs planted on the headset. This allows users to move their head in any direction and have those movements replicated in-game. Also included in the kit is a 1080p OLED display, granting lower-latency head-tracking and low persistence technology that combats motion blur among other issues.

The Develop Conference in Brighton takes place next week on 8th – 10th July 2014. A range of VR developers and enthusiasts are expected to gather at the event to show off the latest builds of their work and talk about the growing industry. Kite & Lightning itself is yet to confirm Senza Peso‘s presence at the show, though VRFocus will be updating you with such confirmation as soon as it comes in. VRFocus will also be at the Develop Conference to bring you all the latest in the VR industry.