Official Radial-G Website Confirms Project Morpheus Plans

Tammeka has today launched the official website for the forthcoming Radial-G, a brand new racing videogame designed for virtual reality (VR). Primarily designed for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), Radial-G will also be developed for mobile VR and PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus. However, the publisher has stated that it may be some time til we see any details on the PlayStation 4 release.

Radial-G is a futuristic racing in the vein of F-Zero. As previously reported by VRFocus, a demo version of Radial-G is set to launch soon along with a Kickstarter campaign for the videogame. The new official website for the videogame, launched today, states that the mobile and PlayStation 4 editions of the videogame will be developed under the proviso that their related Stretch Goals are met during the Kickstarter campaign.


The official website also hosts a number of new details on the videogame including screenshots and concept art, information on the ‘NOculus’ version of Radial-G (played without a VR HMD) and the background details of the team working on the project. The website also features an online leaderboard that will connect directly to the forthcoming demo version of the videogame.

Set to launch next week, the Kickstarter campaign will offer direct finance to Tammeka to fund the development of Radial-G. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Radial-G and Tammeka.