Lucky’s Tale Dev Has Second Oculus Title in Works

In the space of the last 24 hours indie developer Playful Corp. has made itself a promising name within the virtual reality (VR) community. The team, led by Words with Friends co-creator Paul Bettner, announced yesterday its first title, which is to be exclusive to the Oculus Rift VR headset. Not only that but the title, named Lucky’s Tale, is the second videogame announced to be published by headset creators Oculus VR. Now it has been revealed that the team has a second title in development, and it will also support the Oculus Rift.


That second title is Creativerse. According to the developer this is an open-world sandbox title for PC. Few other details about the project have been shared at this time, though we do know that the developer plans to launch the project on Steam later this year and add support for the Oculus Rift later on. This could suggest that Creativerse will be out before the consumer Oculus Rift itself and as such arrive even before Lucky’s Tale.

For now, Lucky’s Tale is set to get all the attention at E3 2014. It will be on show at Oculus VR’s booth along with Eagle Dynamic’s Digital Combat Simulator World, running on the second development kit (DK2). It’s a third-person platform videogame described by Bettner as a ‘totally new experience’. Expect to see the first gameplay details arrive during next week’s show on 10th – 12th June 2014. It joins CCP Games’ upcoming EVE: Valkyrie as one of the titles set to be published by Oculus VR itself when they launch on PC. Will the company have more videogames to reveal at E3? VRFocus will continue to follow Playful Corp.’s progress on both Lucky’s Tale and Creativerse and be on the ground at E3 2014 to bring you all the latest on all VR projects.