Loading Human Kickstarter Ends with $40,000+ Raised

Untold Games’ Kickstarter campaign for its virtual reality (VR) compatible experience Loading Human has ended in success. The campaign had set an initial goal of $30,000 USD and ended up taking $40,078 with the help of 926 backers. The funding ensures that the developers can develop and release the first of free episodes in the series, with support for the Oculus Rift VR headset on PC, Mac and SteamOS.


Loading Human is a story-driven first-person adventure experience. Players are cast as Prometheus, the son of a legendary scientist who is tasked with retreiving a huge energy source known as the Quintessance to power an anti-aging machine to save his father. Throughout the course of the title players will explore Prometheus’ memory fragments, finding out more about the character and solving various puzzles.

One of the title’s main draws is interactive environments in which players can pick up a range of objects. They will be able to pour drinks, reads books, throw glasses and more using one of a variety of control inputs. The title is set to feature support for both the Sixense STEM and Razer Hydra motion controllers as well as YEI Technoloy’s full body motion suit controller. It will also be compatible with standard monitors for those that do not wish to play it with the Oculus Rift.

With the campaign over Untold Games now looks to release Loading Human on those initial platforms in February 2015. The title has also been ‘concept approved’ for the PlayStation 4 and its Project Morpheus VR headset, though it is yet to be confirmed as officially in development for the platform. It is not yet clear when we might see the next episodes in the series. VRFocus will continue to follow Loading Human‘s progress leading up to launch and report back with any more updates on it.