The Gallery: Six Elements Gets Fire World Gameplay

Indie developer CloudHead Games has released brand new footage of its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible title The Gallery: Six Elements. The footage, which can be seen below, offers just under a minute of new gameplay from the first-person title, providing a brief tease before it is shown off at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California. The title is set to support the Oculus Rift VR headset.


The footage takes a very brief look at the Fire World from the adventure experience. This is just one of the six different element-based environments to feature in the title, the others being air, water, earth, love and death. Players will journey through each environment interact with objects and solving puzzles. The title will feature full support for Sixense’s STEM motion controller and include its own ‘VR Comfort Mode’.

The Gallery: Six Elements will be at this year’s E3, first shown at the Mix Media Indie Exchange on 10th June and then at the recently announced VRLA E3 Mixer on 11th June. VRFocus will be at E3 to bring you all the latest on the experience and all other VR projects.