The Forest Gets First ‘Big’ Update Adding Sharks and More

Indie developer Endnight Games released its survival-based videogame, The Forest, onto Steam’s Early Access program at the end of May 2014. Since then the developer has patched the title to fix some of its more immediate issues, but has now released its very first ‘big’ update. The patch, labelled v0.02, adds a host of new features to the experience including new animals, as well as various other improvements and fixes.


The update’s changelog details a wide range of additions to The Forest. This includes adding sharks to the title’s array of wildlife, a new block mechanic when using the standard axe and a range of tweaks such as reduced fall damage and enemies dragging their allies away from harm. In terms of performance, the title’s load times have been improved and stutter has been reduced. Memory optimisations should also help some issues with crashing PCs.

A host of improvements have also been made to the game’s setting, with a lot of attention paid to the title’s water. First off, swim zones have been improved, with them rising and falling in line with the in-game tide. Underwater visuals have also been tweaked, and issues with deep ponds killing players have been addressed. Finally, no less than 22 bugs have been fixed, including the likes of birds landing in mid-air, spears cutting down entire trees and issues with the title’s day count.

The Forest is a first-person title in which players are stranded after a plane crash and must survive by building a settlement and defending it from monsters. The title is set to support the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, though it is yet to be implemented into the current version. It’s due for a full release on PC in the future. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress, bringing you all the latest.