First Oculus Rift E3 Booth Demo Revealed

The first virtual reality (VR) experience to feature at Oculus VR’s booth on at E3 2014 next week has been revealed. Eagle Dynamics has announced that its Digital Combat Simulator World will be on display to press using the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2). Oculus VR itself is yet to confirm which other titles will be on display during the show, which runs from 10th – 11th June 2014.


As the developer describes, Digital Combat Simulator World offers an authentic combat experience in which players take command of vehicles in ‘true-to-life’ cockpits. The PC title is a free-to-play experience available now, offering players an array of air, land and sea vehicles and weapons, which can be utilised in both an extensive campaign editor as well as multiplayer. Eagle Dynamics will be showcasing two new aircraft at this year’s show: the F-86F Sabre and Fw190-D9.

Though not outright confirmed, the use of DK2 heavily suggests that the title will feature support for the new device’s positional tracking. Hopefully this compatibility will be included when the DK2 finally ships to developers in July 2014. VRFocus will continue to follow Digital Combat Simulator World‘s progress moving forward and report back with any more updates from E3 and beyond.