First Concept Art for Project Morpheus’ The Deep and Street Luge Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) London Studio has been one of the driving forces behind the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset since its announcement in March 2014. The studio is responsible The Deep, for one of the premiere tech demos on the headset, and Street Ludge, which made its debut at E3 2014 earlier this month. Now VRFocus can reveal the first piece of concept art for both titles, as seen below.

Both pieces capture the essence of their brief demos effectively. The Deep is an experience in which players dive the depths of the ocean in a cage, eventually coming under attack by a huge shark. The art captures that specific moment, with the shark starting to tear the cage apart as the player aims his flare gun, which is controlled in the actual demo with the DualShock 4 controller.

Street Ludge has a simpler premise, as players try to perfect times as they travel down a busy road sitting on a ludge. The art shows some of the dangers that players might encounter on their journey. VRFocus revealed a companion app for the demo at E3 2014 in which players could keep track of a worldwide leaderboard. A similar app for The Deep was also revealed.

It’s currently not clear if either The Deep or Street Ludge will see a release to consumers. VRFocus will continue to follow both project’s development, bringing you all the latest on their progress.

ProjectMorpheus_StreetLuge ProjectMorpheus_TheDeep