Developer Releases VR Endless Runner

We’ve seen a lot of genres adapted into virtual reality (VR) so far in the technology’s short life. While many developers have exciting horror projects and story-driven adevntures in the works, few have approached the endless runner genre. This style of videogame, in which players constantly move forward while dodging obstacles, has a lot of potential to really be enhanced with an Oculus Rift VR headset. Indie developer Alienforce clearly agrees, having released a brand new endless runner experience online.


That experience is Highway Sprinter VR. The developer has released the title as a tech demo for free over on the official Oculus VR Share beta for PC. The title simply tasks players with keeping their speed as high as possible as the speed down a highway, avoiding obstacles as they go. It’s a rare example of a VR videogame that isn’t in first-person, as players control a car from a third-person perspective. Players can jump over ramps and even survive light scrapes with other vehciles, although hit something too heavy and the car will come to a stop.

There’s currently no word on possible Mac or Linux versions of Highway Sprinter VR. Those that have played the experience seem to be very impressed with it, with comments on the title’s Oculus Share page being mostly positive. Could the title be updated or developed into a full featured videogame? VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s development, bringing you the very latest on it.