Criterion Experimenting with Oculus & Morpheus for New Title

Criterion Games is known for its work on both Electronic Arts’ Burnout and Need for Speed franchises, but surprised its fans at this year’s E3 by announcing that it was working on a brand new IP. While still a vehicle-based title, the developer revealed that its latest project, which is still early in development, will give players control of more than just cars. And that might not be the only departure for Criterion Games; it could also be working with virtual reality (VR).


General manager Matt Webster revealed as much in a recent interview with Videogamer. He confirmed that the team had been experimenting with VR in this early stage, suggesting that it had been specifically using the Oculus Rift VR headset. “This is the best Oculus game you’ve ever played!” Webster told the site. “It’s new technology, that’s kind of what we do, right? And I am serious, it is [that good].”

Criterion Games revealed its latest project during Electronic Arts’ E3 press event on 10th June 2014. It was stressed that the title was still extremly early in development. So early in fact that the project doesn’t even have a name at this point in time. Electronic Arts has said in the past that, while it is impressed with the technology behind the Oculus Rift, it would need to see a good install base before committing to development. Is that sentiment still in place? Could Criterion Games really develop a full VR racing title?

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Criterion Games’ new project and report back as soon as we have confirmation of its VR support.