Crashed Lander V2.0 Launches with Oculus Rift Support

Indie developer has released a new edition of their Oculus Rift videogame, Crashed Lander. Touted as one of the most easily accessible projects available for the original Oculus Rift development kit (aka DK1) upon the launch of it’s official demo version earlier this year, this new edition of Crashed Lander offers new gameplay modes, full support for Linux operating systems (OS’) and more.


Crashed Lander is a gravity-based arcade videogame delivered with full Oculus Rift support as standard. Inspired by classics such as Lunar Lander and Space Taxi,  Crashed Lander sees the player pilot your craft between pads in an attempt to beat your best time. Also available in this latest build are 24 Time Attack levels plus 10 levels of the new Ring Runner gameplay mode.

Currently undergoing a Steam Greenlight campaign, Crashed Lander is available to download now via IndieGameStand and http://don-whitaker.itch.io/crashedlander/, priced at $7.00 USD. This latest edition of Crashed Lander boasts support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS’ as standard. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Crashed Lander including a review coming very soon.