Amusing VR Festival Title Stage Presence Releases New Build

A popular virtual reality (VR) dream concept is to empower players with the feeling of being a rockstar. The idea of putting them on stage in front of a crowd of thousands with the Oculus Rift VR headset to play music seems like an obvious idea for a VR videogame, though it’s yet to be fully realised by a developer. Stage Presence starts out delivering on that premise before taking a rather unusual and amusing twist. A new trailer for the title can be seen below.


Indie developer Jon Dadley released a new update for this Oculus Rift supported title this week to coincide with the Glastonbury festival that takes places in the UK over the coming weekend. Players are cast as the singer in a rock band playing at a UK festival when a technical problems bring the show to a halt. The crowd must be entertained while the music is fixed, with players singing at different volumes and notes into a microphone as they wait. Of course, players must supply the microphone themselves.

If the crowd responds well to the player’s singing then they’ll hear cheers and see flares let off. Should they fail, then they’ll hear booing before lasers are shined in their eyes and bottles full of questionable liquids are hurled at them. Weather can range from sunny skies to a rather traditional British downpour. The crowd itself is colourfully animated, with people jumping during the music and waving flags and banners down at the front of the group.

Stage Presence‘s recent update brings the title to V1.7, including a ‘much better VR experience’ and tweaking features such as a stage manager giving you tips on how to perform better. There’s also improvements made to both the stage and scenery as well as scoring and difficulty modes. The experience can be downloaded for free on PC, Mac and Linux over on the official Oculus VR forums. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all applications of VR, bringing you the latest.