The Universim Details Powerful Prometheus Engine

Crytivo Games has updated its Kickstarter campaign for The Universim with a new blog, detailing the god simulation title’s new engine, dubbed the Promethus In-Game Engine. The crowd funding campaign is hoping to raise $320,000 USD by 24th May 2014, with over half of that amount currently raised. Support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset has also been teased as a possible addition.


The Prometheus In-Game Engine handles the simulation of The Universim‘s dynamic worlds. The tech will create environmental changes on planets based on their season and timeline. The environmental conditions will have a direct effect on the title’s gameplay, changing how the inhabitants of the planet grow their cities. If environments are cold, the population may be kept down without researching how to heat up with fire, for example. Crops will also be in short supply in winter, which can last for varying amounts of time.

The engine will also be responsible for dynamic events. These can include things like tornadoes, earthquakes, meteors and more. These events will have knock-on events, such as meteors setting fire to the surrounding environment around it that needs to be controlled. The engine might simulate rainy weather around the impact zone, or you might have to control the issue yourself by dragging storm clouds over the area.

Planets will also be dynamically generated by the engine. Some predefined planets will be set in place for specific gameplay challenges too. They vary in landscape, size, atmosphere, animals and more. Some will even be dying, and have the opportunity to have their resources mined from them before exploding. Animals will also range from dangerous predators to harmless creatures. Even the vegetation can be hostile.

The developer promised that it would be including a host of easter eggs and secrets for players to discover. The Prometheus In-Game Engine should also become ‘the main platform for absolutely everything’ in the experience. Should The Unverism pass its Kickstarter campaign then it aims to launch on PC, Mac and Linux in October 2015, with possible console versions following on. VRFocus will continue to follow the project and report back with all the latest.