Loading Human Reveals STEM Gameplay

Untold Games has released another look at its upcoming virtual reality (VR) exclusive title, Loading Human. The developer has released brand new footage of the videogame, taking a look at how it uses Sixense’s STEM motion controllers. The clip, seen below, holds just under 2 minutes of footage in which the player interacts with objects around the environment in a natural way.


The player can be seen pressing a light switch, changing records on a player and pouring a drink all using life-like motions. As the developer has said before, many objects in any given area can be interacted with, such as picking up a book, opening it and holding it to your face to read the text inside. It was recently confirmed that the title would also use YEI Technology’s PrioVR fully body motion suit.

Loading Human is currently closing in on its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 USD. At the time of writing the title has raised over $27,000 with over 2 weeks to go until its 5th June 2014 closing date. The title hopes to launch in February 2015 with support for the Oculus Rift. A PlayStation 4 version is also possible. VRFocus will continue to track the title’s progress and report back with all the latest updates.