Indie Dev Discusses The Crypt, VR Development & Project Morpheus

Tim Aidley is the personification of the term ‘passionate’. He’s a developer by day, working on mobile applications and videogames at Hutch Games, the studio behind the well received Smash Bandits, by night he’s a different kind of developer. Aidley works on personal projects that are more experimental; intriguing in both design and execution and almost guaranteed to be a commercial flop, if  they ever got that far. Aidley is the kind of developer that modern virtual reality (VR) needs at this point in it’s infancy, and The Crypt is exactly the kind of experiment that is perfect for the technology.

VRFocus recently delivered a hands-on preview of The Crypt, citing Aidley’s work as both imaginative and inventive. In the interview presented below however, it’s easy to see that Aidley is not so much concerned with media analysis or even the chance of making a profit; it was the thrill of the development that enticed Aidley and, discussing Sony Computer Entertainment’s Project Morpheus and the upcoming Oculus Rift development kit revision (aka DK2), it’s clearly still a case of enthusiasm for the development process over any potential rewards. You can see the full interview with Aidley below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on The Crypt as well as any future VR projects from the talented indie developer.