Grave Dev: ‘We think VR is really important to gaming’

Broken Window Studios are keen supporters of virtual reality (VR). This can be seen throughout every inch of their successfully crowd-funded project, Grave, from the original preview builds presented on an Oculus Rift development kit to the intention to make it VR compatible from day one. With a console build also in the works it will be interesting to see just how far the team can push their VR ambitions.


“We think VR is really important to gaming and we want to emphasize it. [sic]” Stated Tristan Parish, Creative Director on Grave, in a question and answer (Q&A) session with VRFocus. ” Our full intention is to keep VR as a big part of all versions of Grave.”

Parish has openly stated to VRFocus that he has no information regarding when or if Microsoft Studios intend on bringing a VR head-mounted display (HMD) to the Xbox One, however Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has already revealed their Project Morpheus. Whether Broken Window Studios will push the suggested PlayStation 4 edition of Grave remains to be seen, however.

“We’d very much like to be on both consoles, but we made our initial announcement based on who followed up first.” States Parish openly. “Another factor to consider is that multiple versions add time to development. The new generation of consoles will likely be a lot easier to work with in that regard than the previous ones, particularly with Unity support. Even then, with different hardware for VR like the [Project] Morpheus, it could end up being a lot of work and we didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew.”

Grave is now in development for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs, as well as Xbox One. Whether or not the PlayStation 4 edition of the videogame has managed to get passed the planning stages is not yet known, but VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details from Broken Window Studios.