Giant vs Horde Misses Kickstarter Goal, Pledges to Continue

Indie developer Impossible Object has failed to achieve Kickstarter funding for its virtual reality (VR) compatible experience, Giant vs Horde. The title managed to raise just $7,251 USD of its proposed $50,000 goal before coming to a close. Despite the set back, the team has pledged that it will continue developing the videogame, though didn’t offer any insight as to just how it might make it to players now.


“The campaign is just about over, and it is clear we aren’t going to meet the goal,” the developer wrote shrotly before the campaign’s end. “Instead of being the end for Giant vs Horde, this is still just the beginning. Over the course of the campaign, we have gotten great feedback and learned a lot about the current market for Virtual Reality content. We are planning to continue working on the game to build more we can share and show you.”

Giant vs Horde is a multiplayer title in which a horde of players try to take down a player-controlled giant using space crafts. Both sides feature support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. The original plan was to make the title an event-based experience in which a developer would control the giant, though the team opened up the option to player as giants in a new version announced later in the campaign.

When or where we’ll see Giant vs Horde show up next is unknown. VRFocus will continue to track the title and bring you all the latest updates.