Ethereon Dev: VR ‘Belongs to Everyone’, Could Bring Title to PS4 & Morpheus

Tony Davidson, the developer behind upcoming virtual reality (VR) puzzle experience Ethereon has confirmed that he would ‘absolutely’ like to bring the title to the PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus VR headset as well as other devices. Speaking to VRFocus, Davidson reasoned that VR was something that belongs to everyone and not just a single entity such as Oculus Rift headset markers Oculus VR.


“Oh yes, absolutely,” Davidson replied when asked if he could see Ethereon being brought to more headsets including Project Morpheus. “I think it’s important to realize that VR is something that belongs to everyone and not just one single entity. I’m not a fan of brand names and as a developer I want to share my experience with as many people as possible and so it makes sense to look into all the options that we may have available to us.

“Sony has a very attractive model from a developer’s viewpoint and I’m very impressed with the direction they are taking to make VR possible on the PS4. There are many advantages to a console-based VR experience that appeal to me but what I appreciate most is the fact that they seem to be open to letting developers figure out what works for VR and what doesn’t.”

Davidson also revealed that, beyond Project Morpheus, he’d like to see an Android version of the experience running on GameFace Labs’ wireless headset. “I think that is another very promising avenue for VR and it’s one that I’ve kept in mind while developing Ethereon,” he said.

Ethereon is a unique puzzle titled specifically designed for VR. Davidson has designed the experience to be tough for even experienced puzzle players and has fitted the enivronment with a surreal sci-fi asthetic.

A demo for Ethereon is currently available over on the Oculus VR Share Beta. VRFocus will be bringing you the full interview with Davidson later in the week.