Ethereon Dev: ‘I think VR should be wireless’

Tony Davidson, founder of Innervision Games, is currently preparing his first solo videogame project for the world of virtual reality (VR). Having worked in the space alone for two years it’s easy to see how Davidson may have some interesting opinions about exactly what consumer VR should be, but principally the developer believes that VR should be ‘untethered’.


Ethereon has been known in the VR community for quite some time, and yet anyone outside that tight-knit circle may be entirely unaware of Innervision Games’ in-development project. Davidson is fine with this situation, it would seem, as he’s still not yet at a point where all of the decisions about the final form of the videogame have been made. Currently in development for PC formats utilising the Oculus Rift, Innervision Games has insured that the door is left open for other opportunities.

“From the beginning I’ve had that in mind,” states Davidson when VRFocus asked about multi-format production. “In fact that was kind of a target for me… ultimately to get the experience onto a next-generation Android platform. Whatever that next-generation is going to be.

“I see VR, in order for it to be very successful, I think it should be untethered and it should be wireless, and so that’s kind of been the goal for me.”

Davidson spoke with VRFocus about his reasons and the efforts made in order to ensure that Ethereon will be an enjoyable experience on less powerful VR systems at length. VRFocus will bring you the full length interview next week, as well as keeping you updated with all the latest from Innervision Games.