Developer Releases Kings of Sleep for VR

Indie developer Brandon Tay has released a new virtual reality (VR) experience for Oculus Rift VR headset owners to try. The experience, titled Kings of Sleep, is free to download on PC over on the Oculus VR Share Beta, though there’s no mention of possible Mac and Linux versions. It aims to ‘address issues related to the representation of memory’ by placing users in the reconstructed VR dream of another person.


The developer describes the title as “A VR art piece that utilizes the Rift to address issues related to the representation of memory.” In a sense it’s a virtual experiment in which players tour the dream, looking around an environment. The developer asks if the same dream can be inferred the same way by different people. It’s a unique approach to the use of VR, hinting at some of the uses its could have outside of videogames.

Tay has confirmed that he is also working on a ‘deeper’ version of the experience, that hasn’t explained what this might involve. VRFocus will continue to follow the project and report back with the latest updates.