Cyberith Teases New Virtualizer Model, Kickstarter Coming Soon

Cyberith, the company behind the upcoming Virtualizer locomotion platform for virtual reality (VR) experiences, has issued a new newsletter on the peripheral. The latest update details a host of new information about the device, including a tease of the latest model, which will be the third prototype. There’s also the promise of an approaching Kickstarter campaign for the device, which hopes to launch soon.


The company explained that it felt that the Virtualizer still had room for imrpovement after the completion of its second prototype. It revealed that the next model would boast imrpoved sensors for more accurate motion tracking and a change to the overall design which should be much more appealing to consumers. As for pictures and videos of the new kit, the company promised that they would be revealed with the Kickstarter campaign.

To that end, it was also revealed that Cyberith has been shooting its Kickstarter campaign video, which is currently in the hands of a ‘professional film team’. There wasn’t any mention of a date for the campaign’s launch or any clue as to how much the company would be looking for. Specifics should be locked down in a later newsletter. VRFocus will continue to follow the Virtualizer and report back with all the latest developments.