Bossa Studios Talks Surgeon Simulator VR, Input and Valve’s Prototype

Bossa Studios has made a home for virtual reality (VR). That’s not meant to be interpreted metaphorically; the studio’s regular VR Meetups really do feel like a roof for the community to gather under and share their latest demos, ideas and presentations on everything and anything to do with VR development. Each event welcomes its guests with drinks and food before letting them spread out across the team’s studio, a space that’s teeming with positive energy. But about the team’s own work? Just how connected to VR are they?

That’s what VRFocus quizzed studio co-founder Henrique Olifiers about at the most recent Meetup. In the interview above an enthusiastic Olifiers talks about the team’s first VR project, adapting Oculus Rift support into its enduring hit, Surgeon Simulator 2013. From there, Olifiers talks about a whole range of VR topics, including the issue with input, his impressions of Valve’s fabled prototype and even a hint of what’s to come from the studio itself in VR’s future.

When we’ll see Bossa Studios’ next VR project is unknown, but VRFocus will be sure to keep track of the studio’s progress and bring you all the latest.