XViREnt to Consider PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus after PC Development

InEvoWare Game Studios has confirmed that it will look into bringing its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible MMO, XViREnt, to the PlayStation 4 and its Project Morpheus VR headset after work on the the PC version has reached expectations. Speaking to VRFocus the developer stated that it had decided even before the announcement of Project Morpheus that it would focus its attention on building the game ‘right on the PC’ before looking at consoles.


“From the onset, even before Morpheus was announced we had decided that we want to focus on building XViREnt right on the PC,” the developer replied when asked about a possible port, “and once we’ve succeeded only then would we look at consoles and cross-platform compatibility.”

XViREnt is an ambitious online experience that features support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Players set up a character and class as well as their own virtual space which connects to a range of different worlds with their own themes and storylines. These worlds can be developed by anyone, although InEvoWare plans to lead the way with the first fantasy world named Rex Palarum.

VRFocus will be bringing the full interview with InEvoWare Game Studios about XViREnt in the near future.