Untold Games Talk Loading Human, VR Development & HMD Support

Untold Games has been lavished with praise following the unveiling of their debut virtual reality (VR) project, Loading Human, earlier this year. So much so in fact, that the team have already won awards for the title despite having revealed little more than the first 40 minutes of gameplay. This new found fame hasn’t become a concern for Untold Games however, they are proud of their achievements thus far as opposed to being anxious of the expectation. After all, the technology itself is turning heads; the software is bound to follow suit.

Taking the time to speak with VRFocus in between winning awards and pushing against the grain at Game Connection America, Untold Games were keen to enthuse about the potential of VR as not only a new experience for gamers, but as a progressive story telling medium. This is how the idea behind Loading Human was born, and the reason that Untold Games remain confident in the traversing of untamed ground. VR will hit in a big way, the studio’s Elisa Di Lorenzo and Fabio Casale tell VRFocus, and you’d be hard pressed not to believe in their reasoning. The full interview follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Loading Human.