TECHNOLUST Achieves Kickstarter Funding, Updates Stretch Goals

The forthcoming TECHNOLUST has officially surpassed it’s funding goal on Kickstarter. Having reached $32,000 CAD with nearly two weeks remaining in it’s campaign, developer IRIS V.R. has updated it’s stretch goals for the project, promising to add support for the upcoming Sixense STEM motion-control device.


“As promised, we are updating the stretch goals to reflect new capabilities.” Offers the latest update on the official TECHNOLUST Kickstarter page. “Binaural audio has been removed from the list, as we feel that if and when it becomes possible it should be included regardless of the funding amount. In it’s place we are adding support for the Sixense STEM control system.”

The success of TECHNOLUST”s Kickstarter campaign follows confirmation that the videogame achieved the requirements for approval through the Steam Greenlight process in just 36 hours. This significant anticipation for the PC version is met with the wider intentions of IRIS V.R., who, in talks with VRFocus, revealed that they ‘would love’ to bring TECHNOLUST to PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus also.

To celebrate surpassing the funding requirement on Kickstarter IRIS V.R. has released a new teaser video, available below, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on TECHNOLUST.