STEM Motion Controller Delayed By 3 Months

Sixense has confirmed that it has had to delay shipping of its STEM motion controller by 3 months. The company revealed as much in an update on its Kickstarter page. The controller, which is set to work with virtual reality (VR) compatible titles on the Oculus Rift headset, has been held back to ‘accommodate some important hardware improvements’. Pre-production units were originally expected to ship in April 2014, but will now be aiming for a launch the following July, with othjer units pushed back from July to October.


The company went on to explain the 2 keys reasons behind the delay. The first is the discovery of a new method of eliminating distortion in the controller. “This is especially important for VR, where accurate absolute position tracking is critical for hand-eye coordination,” the update read. “We are testing this solution with this latest hardware revision, and we will share more information soon.”

The controller’s tracking modules are also being changed to attach tacking compomnents t the cicuit board of the device. This change was made due to the previous model making ‘significant electronic noise’. “The result of this change is that what we originally introduced as individual STEMs (tracking components only) and STEM Packs (with power and other electronics) will now be a new STEM Pack that includes everything (including all of the components required for tracking when paired with a STEM Base). Likewise, each STEM Controller will also include all the tracking components, battery power, etc.”

Sixense concluded by stating that the current STEM controller was designed as a developer kit and that the company would be offering lower-priced consumer products in the future. VRFocus will continue to follow the product’s development and bring you all the latest details.