Star Citizen Dev Supports Oculus/Facebook Deal but Won’t Sell Itself

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games Corporation has pledged support to Oculus VR following the recent news of Facebook buying the company for $2 billion USD. Chief Creator Chris Roberts took to the title’s official website to offer his view on the announcement, stating that he wasn’t a part of the crowd that felt negatively about it. Star Citizen is an upcoming space simulation title that recently added support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.

StarCitizen_1“From the moment I first saw the Rift, I knew it was something special,” Roberts wrote. “I can tell you firsthand that the team behind the headset has a true passion for making VR tomorrow’s standard.

“In order for the Rift to succeed, it really needed a lot more funding than it has raised from its past two VC rounds. Hardware is expensive: it’s one thing to perfect the technology, but before you can sell a single Rift, you need to spend hundreds of millions on manufacturing and building a supply chain if you intend to make the Rift (and Virtual Reality) relevant for the mass market.”

He continued, citing the recent launch of the Xbox One, “Microsoft invested well over a billion dollars just to launch the Xbox One this fall! My hope is that Facebook’s funding will let Oculus compete with much bigger companies and deliver an attractively priced consumer headset at the scale needed for mass market adoption without the loss of the incredible passion that convinced me to back the project. I haven’t heard or seen anything to the contrary so until I do we are fully committed to supporting the Rift.”

Despite these comments, Roberts reassured that Cloud Imperium Games Corporation wouldn’t be selling any time soon. He reasoned that the team didn’t need ‘anyone with deep pockets’ to develop Star Citizen. The title is digital, so doesn’t require mass production costs, rather just the price of developing the experience and running the servers.

Backers of Star Citizen‘s Kickstarter campaign can currently download The Hanger Module from the title that lets users walk about a home base area. Oculus Rift support was added to the experience in February 2014. Many of Robert’s statements were echoed by other developers that VRFocus asked about the deal in the past week. VRFocus will continue to follow Star Citizen and report back with all the latest.