Space Giraffe and TxK Dev Working on Project Morpheus Title

It has been revealed that Jeff Minter, the British videogame developer behind the likes of TxK and Space Giraffe, is working with the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset for the PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad revealed as much in a recent interview, stopping just short of providing any more concrete details.

TxK_1“Jeff Minter is working on Morpheus,” Shahid told PlayStation Universe. “I probably shouldn’t say that but I just have. Imagine what he’s going to do?”

Minter is known for his long history in the industry, having developed several well-received arcade-style shooting titles and founded software developer Llamasoft. In 2013 the developer signed a deal with SCE to create TxK, a neo-retro shooter, for PlayStation Vita. Could his Project Morpheus title follow in the footsteps of the genre he is known for or will we see something completely new from the developer?

VRFocus will continue to follow the project’s development and report back with any more details.