Seven Stars Tech Demo Now Available

Student development team Corneria Studios has launched their first virtual reality technical demonstration, available to download for free. Seven Stars is a prelude to a bigger project which the team suggest will be a ‘multiplayer virtual reality flight combat’ videogame.


The small team at Corneria Studios have only 7 months and a budget of less than $1,000 USD to develop their videogame as part of their degree course. Seven Stars is the first taste of what the final build will offer, but is only a simple test build of the engine mechanics and network play. The team have requested feedback from the virtual reality (VR) community regarding the interface and controls, and also any simulator sickness encountered, offering the e-mail address corneriastudios@gmail.com for any correspondence.

The final build of the videogame was submitted as the team’s senior project this month, however the suggestion on the Corneria Studios Facebook page is that one of the team members intends to follow-up on the project and develop a fuller experience. The technical demonstration can be downloaded from the official Oculus Share website now and VRFocus has reached out to Corneria Studios for more details on the future of Seven Stars.