Rift Wars Demo Goes Live

The team at Pixel Router VR has today launched a demo version of their debut videogame title, Rift Wars. Billed as ‘Starfox Meets Geometry Wars’, Rift Wars is a virtual reality (VR) exclusive title in which the player moves along a constantly progressing linear path while being tasked with taking down legions of psychedelically coloured foes.


“This is a single, three minute, time attack level.” Reads the update from Pixel Router VR’s James Andrew. “My high score, so far, is 725,000. I am very eager to see who breaks one million first. Please let me know if you do it!”

The videogame uses a traditional twin-stick control scheme in which the left analog stick controls movement and the right aims your weapon. Players have two guns available and encouraging enemies into a position where you can easily lock-on to them is integral to achieving a high score.

According to Pixel Router VR, Rift Wars ‘requires an Oculus Rift, an Xbox controller and a fairly recent and powerful GPU.’ You can download the playable demo now from either MediaFire or Amazon Cloud Drive. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Rift Wars and other forthcoming titles from Pixel Router VR.