Next Bossa VR Meetup is Tonight, Producer Talks Past Speakers, Indies

Surgeon Simulator 2013 developer Bossa Studios is set to host its next virtual reality (VR) Meetup in London tonight. The team’s regular Meetups, held at their offices, play host to a number of speakers that tackle a range of topics surrounding the VR industry right now. A range of indie developers will also be on-hand to show off new builds of their titles with Oculus Rift headsets and, usually, some other devices too. VRFocus spoke to Bossa Studios producer Kate Bryant about the event the last time it was held, which can be seen below.

In the video above Bryant explains the speakers that were featured in the last Meetup, including the likes of VR enthusiast Cymatic Bruce and out of home entertainment expert Kevin Williams. She also talks about the philosophy behind the Meetups and provides some information for those that want to get

Tonight’s event will feature a talk by VR developer Pascal Auberson on ‘Navigating and Interacting in VR’ as well as Hammerhead Games’ Richard Tongeman and Christian Frausig talking about ‘Re-defining the way we describe VR Games’ and Oculus VR European Developer Relations Manager Callum Underwood answering any questions attendees might have.  If you’re interested about future Meetups make sure to follow @bossastudios on Twitter and keep up with the company’s Meetup page. VRFocus will be at tonight’s event to bring you all the latest on VR and more.