Loading Human Devs on Console VR: ‘It will be really cool’

Loading Human is being championed as one of the first ‘true’ videogame experiences coming to virtual reality (VR) headsets at the time of their consumer launch. The development team at Untold Games are well aware of the prestige that is being pre-emptively placed upon their product, and are also keenly aware that the Oculus Rift is just one of many potential audiences.


VRFocus recently caught up with Untold Games’ Elisa Di Lorenzo and Fabio Casale, Business Development and Lead Programmer respectively, to talk about Loading Human, VR development and the future of entertainment products beyond this new wave of head-mounted displays (HMDs). On the subject of a potential future for console-based VR, Di Lorenzo offered:

“It will be really cool. It will be cool because you can reach even more players; another audience. You’d be able to work with other technologies.”

Casale agreed, suggesting that it’s impossible to tell ‘what will happen’ but that Untold Games is prepared to reach out to other hardware manufacturers aside from Oculus VR.


The story doesn’t end there of course. There are a number of different HMDs already in the public eye and plenty more set to be unveiled in the coming months. Many developers will face a tough decision as to which HMDs they will create new experiences upon with their software products. Untold Games however, seem unwavering in their support for the Oculus Rift.

“We’re focusing on Oculus at the moment because we believe that’s the one that… it’s the best,” states Di Lorenzo. “But our aim is to be able to support as many devices as possible.”

Loading Human is currently in development at Untold Games with a view to launching alongside the consumer version of the Oculus Rift headset. No specific release date has yet been announced, but VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Loading Human.