Infinity Runner Hits June 2nd, ‘Looking to Support Project Morpheus’

Indie developer Wales Interactive has confirmed that it will be launching its virtual reality (VR) compatible free running action title, Infinity Runner, on 2nd June 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux. The developer has also confirmed to VRFocus that, while Oculus Rift support will definitely be included, the team is also ‘looking to support Project Morpheus’ with a PlayStation 4 version, though no other details on such a port have been released.


Infinity Runner is set on The Infinity, a fictional spaceship that is the largest ever built by man. The ship soon falls to the threat of ‘the last werewolf’. As an on-board prisoner, it’s players job to escape the ship without being killed by utilising free running and mixed martial arts mechanics with a dynamic targeting system. The developer describes the title as ‘Mirror’s Edge meets Mass Effect‘.

Multiplayer support is also to set to be include with 32-player matches pitting people against each other. As for VR support, the developer reasons that the “game-play is designed to complement the VR mode so you get the best experience possible and it enhances the game by adding another dimension to the playing experience.”

Infinity Runner will launch with 14 levels on 2nd June 2014. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s development and report back with all the latest news.