Hypercast Teases Realistic VR Product Visalisation with Yacht Demo

The development team behind the unique virtual reality (VR) platform Hypercast has released a teaser for its software onto the Oculus VR Share beta. Hypercast is designed as a multi-purpose VR experience using the Ouclus Rift VR headset. This demo, which allows users to tour a realistic creation of a yacht, is designed to showcase the software’s potential for marketing. Other potential uses include using Hypercast as a training platform, architectural visualiser and an industrial design platform.

Hypercast_1This demonstration comes complete with a day and night cycle, changeable interiors, multiple tours and walkthroughs as well as navigation through mouse-only controls. Players can walk around the yacht at their leisure, with 3 different control modes giving them a choice of how to play.

Hypercast‘s website also offers an example of using the software as a training platform with a diving demo. On top of that there there looks at using the software with space shuttles and building virtual architecture. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all VR software and bring you the latest.