Hover: Revolt of Gamers adds Jet Set Radio Composer Score, New Mode

French developer Fusty Game has passed its second Kickstarter stretch goal set at $60,000 USD for Hover: Revolt of Gamers. The upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible project will now include a score from Hideki Naganuma, the composer of the series that inspired the title, Jet Set Radio. On top of that the free running videogame will now feature a new gameplay mode named ‘Graffiti Mode’.


“It was love at first sight” Naganuma said of the title in a Kickstarter update. “Hover has hot graphics and a cool worldview. At first glance, I felt like I’d love to make music for Hover. This feeling’s been a long time since Jet Set Radio Future.”

The graffiti mode will fit in with the experience’s overall objective of revolting against an anti-videogame dictatorship by building up a crew of free runners to perform tricks and stunts around a futuristic city. This addition will allow players to spray paint some backgrounds during anti-propaganda missions, as a throwback to the Jet Set Radio series. The developer also revealed that it hopes to create graffiti-specific stunts and tricks to perform.

At the time of writing Hover: Revolt of Gamers has raised $69,241, meaning its well on its way to securing the next stretch goal of $80,000 to double the size of the open-world city that players roam around in and add a new district to it. From there, a $100,000 stretch goal promises a Wii U version, and a new myster stretch goal has also been added beyond that.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers‘ campaign is due to end on 22nd May 2014 and should launch in April 2015 on PC, Mac, Linx, Xbox One and PlayStation . VRFocus will continue to follow the title and report back with all the latest.