Ether One Receives Oculus Rift Update

White Paper Games’ Ether One launched last month to significant critical acclaim, including from your very own VRFocus. However it had been noted that the implementation of the Oculus Rift compatibility was far from perfect. White Paper Games have listened to the complaints and today have addressed them with an update aimed specifically at improving the virtual reality (VR) experience of Ether One.


Following the launch of Ether One VRFocus discussed the Oculus Rift issues with White Paper Games’ co-founder, Pete Bottomley, who acknowledged that the implementation wasn’t perfect. He was confident that the audience would be satisfied with subsequent updates however, stating that the issues are more obvious with hundreds of people testing the VR experience as opposed to simply the studio’s in-house team. You can find the full interview with Bottomley here.

The update is available via Steam and, depending on your settings, will be applied automatically to the videogame upon booting up the client. A number of fixes have been included, but for those concerned with the VR experience the important notes are fixes for the ‘Start New Game’ and ‘Save Game Menu’ functionality, as well as control and resolution issues. Additionally, White Paper Games has highlighted a number of known issues that will be addressed in the next update for Ether One, including the addition of an in-game menu for Oculus Rift settings and an improvement of the presentation of UI elements.


Ether One is available as a PC exclusive release now, and VRFocus has offered acclaim for the title as “a pure, beautiful experience.” White Paper Games has also recently revealed that they have become a licensed PlayStation developer, so hopes are high that the team will pursue new opportunities with the forthcoming Project Morpheus also. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest from White Paper Games.