Dream Dev ‘Talking to Sony’ About PS4 & Project Morpheus Port

Hypersloth Games, the developer behind the first-person adventure title Dream, has confirmed that it is in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) about possibly bringing the title to the PlayStation 4 and Project Moprheus virtual reality (VR) headset. Speaking to VRFocus at the Rezzed event in Birmingham in March, studio co-founder Ashley Stancill revealed that the team was enthusiastic about Project Morpheus, but couldn’t announce anything just yet.


“We’ve been talking to Sony for quite some time about that,” Stancill said when asked about a possible PlayStation 4 port with Project Morpheus support. “We have an NDA [non-disclosure agreement] so we can’t say anything but it’s definitely something to look at, yeah. It’s really nice actually.”

When asked if he had had the chance to try out SCE’s headset himself yet Stancill replied, “I haven’t myself but two of my colleagues have and they said it was like on par if not better quality than the Rift dev kit ones at the moment so it’s really exciting to see everbody jumping on showing that VR is gonna be there soon rather than the past few years where it’s been like a bit of a letdown.”

Dream is currently in development for PC and uses the Oculus Rift VR headset. In it, players take control of Howard Phillips. Phillips becomes obsessed with his fantastical dreams, which players explore in a first-person perspective, charting strange landscapes and solving puzzles. The title’s first two acts are currently available on Steam’s Early Access program for £12.99 GBP. There isn’t a release date for the full experience just yet. VRFocus will be bringing you the full interview with Ashley Stancill shortly.