Death in Candlewood Developer ‘Would Love to’ Bring Title to PS4

Rosebud Games, the developer behind the recently revealed Death in Candlewood, has revealed that it ‘would love to’ bring the project to the PlayStation 4. Speaking to VRFocus about the title studio co-founder Toni Sanchez stated that the decision would be up to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and the amount of funding secured. Death in Candlewood launched its Kickstarter campaign earlier this week.


“We would love to, although it’s up to Sony,” Sanchez replied when asked about a possible PS4 port. “From our side, if we get enough funding we will certainly try hard to produce a PS4 version, but I’m sure that we’d have to hire more people.”

Death In Candlewood is an open world first-person experience in which the player battles against inhuman enemies. The development team is comprised of developers with experience on franchises like Silent Hill, The Witcher and F.E.A.R. The Kickstarter is hoping to raise $600,00 USD to fund further development. The campaign features a stretch goal of $100,000 to add support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset on PC. Could a possible PS4 port also bring support for the Project Morpheus headset?

“That’s an exciting opportunity and would enhance the player’s experience – it wouldn’t just be like an interactive movie, it would be more like an alternative reality. We definitively want to be part of this revolution, our only restriction is our budget.”

Death In Candlewood‘s Kickstarter campaign is due to finish on 2nd May 2014. VRFocus will be bringing the full interview with Sanchez in the near future and will continue to follow the campaign’s progress and the title’s development going forward.