Blade Runner Inspired VR Title TECHNOLUST on Steam Greenlight

Developer Iris VR has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for its upcoming Cyberpunk adventure, TECHNOLUST. The title, which supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset among others, is now hoping to secure enough community votes to launch on Valve’s digital storefront come full release. TECHNOLUST has already launched a Kickstarter campaign that’s looking to raise $30,000 CAD before 11th May 2014.

Technolust_1As the developer confirms, TECHNOLUST‘s Cyberpunk setting is heavily inspired by the likes of Blade Runner and Robocop. The title imagines a world in which cheap 3D printing, fully immersive VR and corporate control of such technologies has paved the way for a dystopian future. It is primarily a story-driven first-person exploration title in which players can simply exist in the world, interacting with objects, collecting movies and games that can be viewed/played at your home and more. The goal is to make TECHNOLUST‘s world a ‘a living, breathing place’.

At the time of writing, TECHNOLUST has raised $11,097 on Kickstarter. Those interested can pledge $22 to get a digital copy of the title on PC, Mac or Linux. Early Beta access in July 2014 goes for $30, with the full title hoping to launch the following September. An early version of the title is also available to try out via the campaign page. VRFocus will continue to follow the project’s development and report back with all the latest.