Tennis Title VR Open Remade, Rereleased

Indie developer Tyler Roach has released a new version of his virtual reality (VR) tennis title, VR Open, which supports the Oculus Rift VR headset. This new version of the sports simulation has been remade from the ground up, including gameplay tweaks and new environments and menues. The title is available for free to download over on the official Oculus VR developer forums for PC, Mac and now Linux.

VROpen_1The new version of the title also supports both right-handed and left-handed play styles. While only the Razer Hydra motion controller is supported right now, both the Sixense STEM and Virtuix Omni will be included in later versions.

As Roach explained the extended period between this release and the previous update, VR Open 0.3, on the forums. “It seemed like there were issues with almost everything,” he said. “I decided to take a break from it, and had pretty much given up hope until Cymatic Bruce played it on his Sunday Stream last month.”

Cymatic Bruce is a VR enthusiast that is well-known in the VR community for his extensive VR playtesting and subsequent knowledge that comes from it.

Roach also confirmed that his other project, The Rift Zone, had been cancelled. It was designed to be a VR arcade, movie theater and club all rolled into one but Roach concluded that there were too many simiular projects already available.

VRFocus will continue to follow the development of VR Open and report back on all the latest as it happens.

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