Team Junkfish Talk Horror, Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus

The forthcoming Monstrum has been garnering much attention from the virtual reality (VR) gaming community of late. While horror experiences aren’t exactly hard to come by in the world of VR, Team Junkfish has insured that Monstrum remains unique thanks to the inclusion of a procedurally generated map each and every time. In a recent interview with VRFocus, Team Junkfish’s Jaime Cross talks about this aspect of the videogame as well as the potential roads that Monstrum will travel down on it’s way to a consumer audience.

Designed with the Oculus Rift VR headset in mind, Team Junkfish will be bringing Monstrum to Rezzed this coming weekend. The event will take place from 28th – 30th March 2014, at the NEC in Birmingham, and Team Junkfish will be supplying Oculus Rift demonstrations to both media and public attendees. VRFocus will be reporting from the show floor at Rezzed this weekend, but in the meantime you can see just what Cross had to say at last week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco last week below.