Sony Pursuing Partnership with Oculus, Supposed Leak Suggests

The Reddit user that allegedly leaked a large amount of information on Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) yesterday has again posted supposed new details on the device. This time the purported leak concerns a possible ‘strategic’ partnership with the makers of the Oculus Rift VR headset, Oculus VR. The leakster cites the same source as his previous post in his claims, although notes that he is unable to verify to credibility of this source.


According to the post, SCE may be looking to approach Oculus VR about possible cross-platform development of VR titles. Project Morpheus won’t work on PC and Oculus Rift won’t run on PlayStation 4, but SCE would reportedly like to allow developers to develop for both with ease. The aim would be to give developers the widest possible reach with software. According to the source, this could include using similar screen technologies in the consumer version of the hardware.

While it might seem that the announcement of Project Morpheus puts SCE in direct competition with Oculus VR, the company apparently views the two devices very differently. Apparently it sees its own Project Morpheus as an accessible product while the Oculus alternative will cater to VR enthusiasts.

Any such deal would undoubtedly stand to benefit Sony, who could tap into the already-strong Oculus Rift development community. Oculus VR has noted that it’s sold 60,000 Oculus Rift original developer kits and confirmed to VRFocus that it’s already had 12.5 thousand orders for its recently-announced second iteration.

The source also goes on to allegedly clarify that yesterday’s leak concerning Driveclub, which has since been dismissed, was based off of outdated information. With that admission, VRFocus recommends that readers take caution with the above rumours.