Sony – ‘Not Enough’ Virtual Reality Headsets Available

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has revealed that it doesn’t think there are enough virtual reality (VR) headsets currently in development and on the market. The company’s Anton Mikhailov said as much during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) last week, suggesting that the industry needs to make a headset publicly available before worrying about market saturation.ProjectMorpheus_1

Speaking to Eurogamer, Mikahilov implied that there’s room for plenty more VR headsets to compete with the likes of the company’s recently-revealed Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift. “Oh yeah, I mean there’s not enough,” Mikahilov replied when asked if the market could sustain more devices. “Realistically, right – first of all we don’t have a consumer version from any company yet that’s taken off. In that sense there’s not enough. But I think that nobody really worries about having too many TVs.”

While SCE and Oculus’ headsets arguably have the highest profile at the moment, plenty of other companies are developing VR alternatives. VRElia had its range of headsets on show at GDC while another device named The Cortex was revealed at the event. Plus Microsoft has confirmed that it has been using VR for a ‘while’, so it could well have an entry into the market before long.

Will we see many more VR headsets announced in the future? VRFocus will continue to follow the development of the technology and bring you any new reveals.