Proscenium Launches Kickstarter for Multiplayer VR Horror Title Spectre

Indie developer Proscenium has launched a Kickstarter for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) supported title, Spectre. The team is looking to raise at least $15,000 USD to help polish and publish the title, which is a multiplayer horror experience. VRFocus spoke to Sound Engineer and Designer, Louis Arrigoni, who describes the title in the video below.

Spectre features multiplayer matches in which one player controls the titular supernatural figure that lays traps and illusions while three other human players, known as Seekers, try to hunt the monster down. The Spectre player can disorientate the opponent’s vision and controls as well as set decoy Seekers that attack players when close. It can be played using the Oculus Rift VR headset, which players will use to navigate a vairety of settings.

The title also features a single player mode in which players are stalked by the Spectre and must journey through a disused mansion in order to find the means to overcome it. As with any Kickstarter campaign, Proscenium is offering a range of rewards for backers that offer a certain amount of money. The first 200 to pledge $14 will be rewarded with a digital copy of the title, which goes up to $18 afterwards. At $26 you’ll be granted early access to the multiplayer component of the game via a beta, while $36 will net you an in-game, VR-supported art gallery known as the House of Horrors.

The first 20 people to pledge $76 will be put into the game as a portrait in the mansion, while the first 100 to spend $90 will be rendered in-game and trapped inside a 3D crystal orb. 25 people that pledge $225 will be transformed into living portraits, painted by artists and then, in true haunted hose fashion, programmed so that your eyes will follow the player. Look away for a second and the painting will warp into a disfigured version of yourself. You’ll also get the actual paintings themselves  to boot.

The final two rewards are set at $800 each with just 1 available slot. The first offers real a 23.4 x 16.5 inch painting of the Spectre as it appeared in life.  The other is another painting, this time of the Spectre as it appears in the game. Both also come with a personal thank you letter from the team along with four digital copies of the game to share with friends.

While the team has set its base goal at $15,000, it has also outlined a number of stretch goals at $5,000 increments. $20,000 will see another type of Spectre added, designed by accomplished creature artists. Concept art for the new Spectre can be seen below. With each progressive stretch goal new maps, modes and music tracks will be made available.

Spectre Concept Art

VRFocus will continue to track the progress of Spectre both through the Kickstarter campaign and development process and bring you the latest.