PrioVR Adds Custom Hand Controllers as a Stretch Goal

YEI Technology has announced a new stretch goal for its upcoming PrioVR motion suit. Instead of adding bonus demos and features like in previous stretch goals, this third benchmark promises new, fully customised hand controllers to replace the modified Wii nunchuck controllers currently in use. The campaign is looking to reach $260,000 USD to make these controllers possible.

PrioVR_1The current input offers an analog stick, trigger and secondary-fire button. This proposed new controller would pile on 5 additional buttons to offer more control, all while refining the design of the device to be more comfortable. At the time of writing, the project needs to raise just under $30,000 to reach this goal, with 13 days left to do it in. This also means that the campaign has passed its previous stretch goal to add a Dodgeball demo to the suit.

PrioVR shot past its initial $75,000 goal within hours of being posted online. The suit is attached with different motion sensors to allow for full-body track while playing virtual realiy (VR) titles. It comes in three different models to accommodate cost. VRFocus will continue to follow the suit’s development and report back with all the latest.