Mod of the Week: Strike Suit Zero

Born Ready Games’ Strike Suit Zero is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, and has delivered an impressive experience since receiving an update allowing it to utilise the headset’s stereoscopic 3D and motion-tracking capabilities. However, despite the support for Oculus Rift having been built into the videogame natively by Born Ready Games there are still many players having trouble configuring their software, and so this week’s Mod of the Week feature title here on VRFocus is Strike Suit Zero.


The set-up process for Strike Suit Zero is relatively simple – certainly more so than any other title VRFocus has yet covered in this Mod of the Week column. Born Ready Games’ commitment to making Strike Suit Zero fully compatible with Oculus Rift is commendable, especially considering the comparatively limited audience for the headset at present, and for those ready to make the jump the simple instructions below should help you get up and playing in full stereoscopic 3D in next to no time.


As always, ensure that Strike Suit Zero is fully updated before beginning. If you are running the videogame via Steam, ensure that you have updates set to a priority by right-clicking on the entry in your Steam Library and selecting Properties. Click on the ‘Updates’ tab and on the ‘Automatic Updates’ bar select ‘High Priority’. You can revert to any previous setting once the latest installation has been completed.

After the update has been completed, upon double-clicking the .exe file or the entry in your Steam Library a menu will be displayed. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu and check the ‘Enable Oculus Rift’ box. There are customisable options for the tracking speed of Oculus Rift’s motion-detection, but these can be altered at a later date to fit with your personal preference.

Exit the videogame and set your desktop resolution to 1200 x 800 pixels, then reboot the software as before. Check that Oculus Rift is still enabled, then click ‘Play’. Strike Suit Zero is ready to be played with full stereoscopic 3D and motion-tracking via the Oculus Rift headset!